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home alabama" will be here long after we're gone. >> what is it like to see the younger generation belting out "sweet home alabama" and pretty bird"? >> it's great. we're three generations, working on four. it's great for to us see older fans ones that under between and young all the way up. it's great, it's a great thing. >> when did you get involved helping out military families? what got you there? why did you start doing it?. >> well, anything we can feel like to help this, is our way. we never had to go overseas and fight on the front lines like everyone. so we're just trying to do our part anyway we can. so, entertain the troops and be behind them. and do benefits or whatever we can to help. you know? go see them in the hospitals. anything more we can ever do, we hope people ask. >> do you have any words for greta?
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>> hello. >> good word. we love her, we watch her every night. >> i check it every night. >> yes. >> thank you guys. >> much appreciated. >> yes. >> love the shout out. see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern, right here. >> ghouled morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> we are going to start now with the 5@5:00. we now know weapons stolen from libya were part of the terrorist massive arsenal in the attack on the algerian gas plant. militants from 8 countries including canada carried out the
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siege. lovelady had only been in algeria for 10-days. >> he told us all of the time. we asked do you feel safe? do you feel safe? you don't have to go. he said nothing's happened there in so long. >> 7 other americans survived including a colorado man who hid for 2 and a half days. >> sometimes with the terrorists only a few feet away. >> terrifying moments for passengers on a southwest flight in denver, airport. a sensor light went off just as the plane was about to take off. the pilot slamming on the breaks blowing out three tires. it was a little scary. we were just about to take off and then it slammed. it was a big jolt. >> when we were in the air starting to lift.
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no one habecause hurt when it happened. triggering a deadly 86 car pileup. it happened near cincinnati. a 12-year-old girl standing outside of her car after it was crashed and she was killed. the whole scene was chaotic. >> got rear-ended by a truck in the car and i jumped out of the car because i didn't know what was going to go on next. you can hear cars slamming all over. >> at least 20 other people were injured. >> speakling of the cold snap, the bitter cold snap is moving across the northeast. >> we have no hot water no heat no electricity half of the time. it is blowing electronics in your house. we are totally losing out. >> three months after hurricane sandy 1,453 people are still
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displaced from their home. >> president obama's second inauguration offering some indiana tensionnally hi -- uninl hilarious pictures. there is bill clinton popping his head out he's giving what appears to be a look of approval. >> she does have a beautiful voice. >> after every inauguration comes a celebration. this year was no exception. president obama and the first lady taking center stage. you can see it right there. dancing as jennifer hudson sang let's stay together. >> a man and a woman bravely serving our nation. president obama saying thanks to those heros. >> thank you for volunteering. thank you for stepping up.
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thank you for keeping us strong. thank you for always makingous proud. i have no greater honor than being your commander-in-chief. >> doug mcelway is live with more on the inauguration. you have had a heck of a 24-hours, doug, working hard. >> i think a lot of us have. it was combed standing out there all day. he paid homage to thomas jefferson's i mmortal words we hold these truths self evident that we are all created equal. then he qualified those words. >> history tells us why these truths may be self evident they have neve been self executing. >> so he began his second term with an inaugural address which could be radioing battles ahead. >> we will respond to the threat
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of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would be tray our children and future generations. a>> he was sure of specifics on perhaps the most pressing issue of the day the debt and cost of looming insolvency of retirement of social security an medicaid. he offered this unwavering defense of them all. >> they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risk that make this country great. >> unfortunately we have a situation where it is generational theft. we are leaving our kids and grand kids with these incredible burdens of debt and deficit unless we reform these important programs. >> small talk over an all american inaugural luncheon of lobster, bison and arm pie showed the two parties are capable of expressing goodwill in hopes of bipartisanship. >> i think there are areas that we have in common and can work
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toward solutions together. after day of celebration dan pheiffer telling "washington post" republicans may not be up to the task. the cbs news political director said quote go for the throat. why obama must declare war about the republican party. >> especially that coming from a news otherzation. >> we are getting a lot of reaction coming in. folks are criticizing president obama for putting social issues before the economy. the economy some argue is not one of his priorities. >> if you look back in 2008 the median household income 52,546 dollars. three years into president obama's presidency the average
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for 2011 it dropped more than 2,000 dollars to 50,054. when you look at the numbers do you think the president should be more focused on the economy. john meachum is talking about it this morning. >> the most important g median household income over the last 12 years. without rectifiying that this will be an unmemorable presidency and potentially a significantly -- >> how is he going to do that in three years? how is he going to remedy that turn that around so the regular folks start to make more money? it seems to me almost impossible with these policies. >> i think we are all to blame
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here. a lot of people don't want to hear the hard truth. people don't want to pay more taxes they don't want to see these cuts. they don't want to embrace the simpson bowl kind of proposals. these are hard choices. you and i didn't run for president. he sought the job. he is a good man. i think you would agree with that. it is his responsibility to lead us. my sense is the problem at the moment is he's allowing the dysfunction in the capital, which is there, and the public's reluctance to make hard choices, he's allowing that to lead him, he is not leading us. >> the president will lay down his agenda february 12th, the state of the union. >> it is time for your first degree weather update maria molina. >> less of the nation waking up
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with cold temperatures and with snow in some areas. >> especially lake-effect snow that kicked up across the lake you have cold air going over the lake waters. we are talking feet of snow in some of those areas right off the lake. i want to talk about how cold it is in the midwest and into the northeast. it has been years for some of us. you factor in the wind that's really what makes it feel so cold. we have windchill warnings in effect across portions of wisconsin and minnesota. widespread advisories across iowa and areas of the northeast. up state new york and northern parts of new england where we have the windchill warnings. what it means is it is so cold it is dangerous if you are not properly bundled up. 12 below zero is what it feels like when you head out the door in places across minnesota much
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worse more than 20 degrees below zero. we will keep you posted. let's apple the number one y in the world this year. lauren simonetti has more. >> most popular companies what are they? >> these are expected to be the most profitable. it has a pack of 175 billion. we are talking huge companies recognizable names with equally big and recognizable products. apple will be number one because there are a lot of worries about the tech giant lack of innovation. then you have exxon mobil at number two, very innovative. and we did see microsoft on the list. surprising. windows 8 has been called confusing.
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out of pc's et cetera. jc morgan chase made the list, so did wells far go. general electric very diversified company. that came in at number 8 and finally number 10 is wal-mart. biggest employer 2 million employees. >> hiring our veterans, too. >> ticket prices are going up why so much more than last year? >> the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers will meet in new orleans february 3rdrd. new orleans is a central and prime location. if you want to be one of the more than 70,000 fans there to be in the big game shell out 7,000. the average price right now is 3,082. a couple things making the team more popular. 49ers haven't played in the super bowl since 94. the linebacker ray lewis is retiring. a lot of hype. >> new orleans may be a more
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desirable city. >> better than indianapolis. >> it is now 12 minutes after the hour. he's a domestic terrorist but this is not stopping one major teacher's organization from making him a keynote speaker at an up coming conference.>> who knew airport security could actually be fun. that's what one toy maker is trying to sell us. is the toy going too far? we will tell you about that. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> we are one way from a vote from defaulting our obligation for the first time ever house republicans unveiling the bill to let the government continue borrowing through may 18th. it doesn't have specific debt limits but to increase it.
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the current limit $15.4 trillion. did nonunion lead to vandals cut bolts and set it on fire. there's a reward for information leading to an arrest. winter's wrath has certainly arrived in a lot of the country. coldest air in two years has hit new york and created more misery from the victims of super storm sandy. many are working to restore heat in their home. wnyw reporter is live for us with more. three months after the storm some people still without heat. >> still without heat shth hot wa, hot water. many of the electricity is spotty. it is extremely windy and icy out here. it will only get colder in the
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coming days. they loov an estimate on how many new yorkers are without heat and hot water since super storm sandy. but they certainly exist. we went to the ocean village complex in rockaway queens new york where they still don't have heat and hot water and the generator shut down for 6 hours on monday. these are the types of residents who are very worried going into this extremely cold weather. we met a woman in far rockaway whose furnace was still damaged from the storm. she is taking extreme measures in her own home to stay warm. >> we have a small little heater. it has been month since the hurricane. >> she is using her stove to keep harm. hard to convince folks not to use any method necessary to stay
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warm. >> thank you so much. wishing for the best for those families there. thank you. it is time ow brew on this. outraged shoppers over this little toy. a security checkpoint. it comes complete with two armed security guards. the toy a posted on amazon dot dom. it -- customer reviews saying the negative message about the state of our country and freedom to our children. do you agree with this? is it fine or is the toy over the line? send us the comments you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at coming up next they released this pastor from jail but this american wife is telling a different story. >> the obama family celebrating
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a second term in the white house. the numbers might not give us reason to celebrate. presidential historian is going to take a look for us. flush ♪ [ wind howls ]
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[ dog barks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd. ♪
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>> good morning to you. it is 26 after the hour. a former teacher picking bill ayers to give the keynote speech. he will give the conference. he admitted to taking part in the bombing of the pentagon in
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the 70's. >> his wife says a new report coming out of that country claims her husband has been released but that is not true. the pastor has been locked up since september for his christian beliefs. his trial started yesterday. ainsley? >> the celebration is now over it is time for the president to get to work. compared to other two term presidents where does president obama stand at the start of his second term? our presidential historian is here. >> good to sea you. let's talk about unemployment. where does he stand in 2009 compared to now. >> he started at 7.8 percent which is where we are now. it spiked when he took office. we had the stimulus package which did little to bring it back down. now it settled around the 8 percent mark. overall it has been flat. if you see his popularity
2:25 am
ratings are still in the low 50s which historically is low for a re-elected president. i think it's directly correlated to this number the fact that it hasn't come down at all in the last four years. >> let's go to other presidents george w. bush, clinton. what will their unemployment numbers. >> you can look at those numbers president bush got hit by economic crisis. increased toward his popularity. president clinton very popular his unemployment numbers were extremely low. you can see the correlation. reagan's number interestingly enough 7.3 percent it was high. it came down it was much higher closer to 10 percent he was re-elected. his started at 3.5 it went up to almost 5. even though he was reelected in a land slide he was not popular because he wasn't likeable. wasn't that popular. >> you say there's a direct
2:26 am
popularity in unemployment numbers and popularity. >> the trajectory of unemployment. if you bring it down your popularity goes up almost inversely. the other way around. even if you have a low number to start with if you go up your popularity goes down. >> those are the popularity numbers. talk about the national debt at the start of a second term for president obama. >> epic crisis proportions. what was interesting about the pea speech you didn't hear him talk about unemployment and national debt. he inherited bad situation by president bush it is compounded by the end of the presidency. it will be about double the sides of the economy. >> they are saying he is focusing more on the social issues. >> george w. bush, clinton,
2:27 am
reagan, nixon ks h, how does he compare? >> it was quaint compared to where it is now. stay with rich and nixon. the last did with eisenhower but nothing we have seen the last year president bush with the financial crisis. under president obama it has been of historic proportions. i think the big challenge the next four years is what will they do during the next 90-days for the fiscal cliff and beyond it. >> good to see you, nick. >> it is 26 after the top of the hour coming up he doesn't speak the language but this dolphin communicating with humans saved his own life. we will explain. plus do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep? could the solution be as simple as an app on your phone. our next guest said yes it's that easy. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard,
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. now the top five stories making news at this hour. lance armstrong made no mention of his ex fiancee sheryl crow during the tell all with oprah when he revealed he doped for all 7 tour defrance wins. crow was in the room when the disgraced cyclist asked a
2:32 am
teammate to lie for him. the singer is reportedly named twice in the documents. crow and armstrong started dating back in 2003 and were briefly engaged but they called it quits in 2006. >> sunday was rough for new england patriots derrick martin not only was he on the inactive list while his team lost but his home was also being robbed in colorado. the men forced their way in. they ransacked the house stealing two super bowl rings. >> prince harry is home. he said he killed tal begiban p insurgen insurgents. >> take a life and save a life. that's what we resolve around.
2:33 am
(indiscernible snchl ( >> he is known as captain whales by his colleagues. co pilot on an apache helicopter. >> he admitted his time in the army was a welcome break after dealing with the media. remember the scandal louse photos from the las vegas trip. >> oh, yeah, we remember. >> who would do this to a disabled world war ii veteran? albert wood came home from a doctor's appointment to find his house vandalized. all of his furniture and belongings inside covered in spray paint. the only thing he spared his service picture and war medals. >> i don't think i have any enemies that would do something like this. i don't know. i have never even thought about getting into somebody else's house. >> 93 years old. come on. after the vandals left the house they tried to break into another home. someone stopped them and they called police a 13-year-old and
2:34 am
16-year-old were arrested. >> it's a disgrace. >> you have to see this one to believe it. adults in trouble puts his trust in a group of scuba divers. one of them helps to free a pushing hook and a line stuck in the side of it. the diver worked on that line for about 4 minutes and manages to eventually get it off. despite the best efforts they don't completely free the hook. the dolphin was able to move its fin again without the line wrapped around it. i guess that's a halfway good story. >> that is your 5@5:30. >> this morning washington gets back to business and president obama gets to work on a second term. kelly wright has a look at what the president plans for the next four years. >> good morning kelly. >> good morning to you as well. the question is will he be able
2:35 am
to get through it all. people are still feeling the euphoria for the day from the pomp and circumstance and history. >> i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states. >> in his second inaugural address he repeatedly strongly stressed his desire to see the power of we the people. he spoke about gay rights during the inauguration. he relates the struggle wills for gay americans for women and women of color. >> our mission is not complete until wives mother and daughters earn a living equal to their efforts. (applause) our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like any one else under the law. >> some critics wanted to hear but the president wanplans to tackle the issues facing our
2:36 am
country. >> i hope he learns to be an eye president. he was an eye president during his first term. i, i, i, i, i. the second term better be a we. >> along the parade route the president and first lady michelle obama as she walked and waived enthusiastic reporters of american's first black president stepping into his second term. >> we a black man being reinaugurated. that's a very stirring sight. this nation made great progress in these issues. i thought it echoed something that could have been written 30 years ago. owe b ♪ obama is on fire >> alicia keys and jennifer hudson sirn nayeding the
2:37 am
president as they danced to the song "let's stay together. >> you can't go wrong with those kinds of celebrations. the president is soaking it all in every moment of a day that was truly his own. he remarked that he wanted to take one more look at the crowd who gathered knowing he didn't want to repeat this again. it will completely fade because he has to go back to work for congress and republicans are waiting to exercise in governing. >> much of the country waking up to freezing temperatures. >> maria molina on places we could be getting snow today. snow is fun. >> it will be that cold you might as well get snow. across new york lake erie and northwestern pennsylvania and
2:38 am
western portions of the state of michigan you are talking about heat p sleet possible in those areas. be careful through out the day and into tomorrow as it is expected to continue. frigid temperatures in minneapolis. actual temperature 9 below zero. 70 degrees in cleveland 3 degrees in chicago. you factor in the wind it feels much colder. that is why we have windchills and widespread advisories across states like minnesota and wisconsin across northern parts of illinois and in areas across portions of new england. it is a frigid morning out here. especially in the northeast. talking about temperatures into the teens widespread or even 20s across parts of the mid atlantic. areas of up state new york already early this morning. it is time to entertain
2:39 am
this. talk about amazing performances at the president's inauguration. among them kelly clarkson. ♪ >> her emotional rendition of "my countrytis of thee" moving. then beyonce sang the national anthem. ♪ >> and then the commander-in-chief's ball jennifer hudson sangal green's "let's stay together" kelly
2:40 am
wright was saying for othe obama's first dance. ♪ >> and as for the first lady's fashion her red gown was made by jason wu. he designed the white gown four years ago as well. >> let's take a look at your starting lineups on the sports stories this morning. with tim tebow forced on woody johnson. that's what the former broncos gm says johnson told him during the interview for the gm job. they are expected to train or release tebow. an iconic sports stadium is in ruins. roof panels at the silverdome left shredded and at that timers after blowing winds. the roof was slated after the project. it used to be home of the detroit lions. the fed-ex field opened in 2011.
2:41 am
>> the camel called the super bowl with the ravens. the general manager writes each team's name on a hand and covers his hands with graham crackers. the hand that princess has gone to first has won 6 out of the last 7 years. princess predicting the ravens will win. follow this one. see what happens. >> time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up three minutes extra at the dinner table enough to keep everybody healthy. >> this team right here. did you know this company little tykes considered spending the iconic cos szy coupe over sea te is. why this company decided to stay in the usa. i have the story coming up.
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>> it is 43 after the hour.
2:45 am
first israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu scheduled for reelection. netanyahu promised voters he would keep israel safe and go jewish settlements despite this. >> left him clinging to life on a raft for 2 days. the cruise ship not ready for rescues used a dingy on shore. the 63-year-old sailor expected to be just fine. >> there's a study out that shows 80 percent of us are willing to pay more to buy products made in the usa. i went to hudson ohio to visit one company who has been making toys for the last 30 years. turns out the toys made here don't cost more. >> chances are you have a toddler your kitchen looks a little like this. this bright little car is called
2:46 am
a cozy coup and in the last 33 years little tykes has sold more than 14 million worldwide. 80 percent of the products including the turtle sandbox and swing are made in america. nearly 1,000 people work at the hudson ohio plant. tom richmond general manager shows us how these tiny plastic beads are transformed into toys. >> we are going to pour the plastic into that mold heat it up to 700 degrees. it melts that plastic or the powder. >> when it comes down to trim all of the excess. >> put it into a box. the box is automatically weighed it goes on this conveyor to the distribution center. >> what does it mean to make a product made in america? >> i love it. there isn't a whole lot out there that is made in america. >> you see them in yard sales. they last forever. people like to buy usa stuff. >> it wasn't always this way
2:47 am
20-years ago. the company made america best selling swing in new york country. >> we transfer it had into china in the 90s about four or five years ago we looked at the total cost of doing business and said you know what? america has the heist productivity. we have the lowest raw material cost in the world and lowest energy costs in the world. let's look at how we could make this product back here in america. >> and today the swing once again is made in the usa. just a few years ago when the economy tanked little tykes considered moving manufacturing elsewhere but ultimately they decided to stay receiving close to $4 million in tax incentives for the government. >> we appreciate the state of the federal government but honestly it's not enough to make the difference. it's about the people, it's about the productivity, it's about the longevity. >> they make a large assortment
2:48 am
of toys. >> everything little tykes does emulating what parents do in the real world. >> that's why moms are a big part of the research. today they are giving suggestions for the redesign of the cozy coup. >> to use by themselves they can just get in it and walk along. >> i love the floorboards. >> i think toddlers are drawned to the kind of cartoony look that it has. the colors are the iconic thing. >> bye bye. >> more on that on fox and friends later today at 6:30. >> they are adorable. >> 47 after the top of the hour. still ahead talk about living on the edge two fisherman spent hours dangling hundreds of feet into the air after their boat stalled. our next guest said that cherry juice may be the key to getting a good night's rest. >> let's check in with steve
2:49 am
doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up we will talk all about the inaugural if he istities highlights from the ball as well. the political director of cbs is supposed to be nonpartisan. sure sounds like a democratic strategist. we will explain that to you. also which politicians in washington, d.c. were weak kneed over beyonce. exciting news big changes at the lingerie league. brian kilmeade will fill us in on this and so much more. fox and friends kicks off right here on your channel for news.
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>> 9 minutes to the top of the hour. a fishing boat leaves two
2:53 am
brothers dajing for hours. they couldn't pull it fearing the rope would snap. they were able to save the guys by boat. they spent 20 minutes at dinner weighed significantly less than kids who left the table after 17 minutes. the extra 3 minutes of interaction leads to healthier children believe it or not. >> if you are watching our show at one time or another you probably had trouble getting to sleep or staying sliep at night. we have great products that can help you get z's. joining us now is psycho therapist dr. mike dowd. thank you for coming in. a lot of people have trouble sleeping. you have natural tips. first i want to ask, why do people have so much difficulty sleeping now? >> our busy society has us on 24/7 cycle. they are checking iphones in the middle of the night all night. that blue light and the stress we are expected to be on 24-hours a day is flooding our
2:54 am
brains with cortisol stress hormones that is preventing our brains from wanting to shut down and get good restful sleep. >> not just television but blackberrys and all those things in addition to stress really makes sleeping tougher. >> what is really interesting electronics the blackberrys iphones i pads reading in bed it has a wave length that is the kind of light that is the worst for us. >> tell us about this juice. you have to drink it. it is a little bitter. >> you can have the juice 8 ounces or you can find the juice in a concentrate. you want to take this an hour before bed. 8 ounces for the juice 1 ounce if you are getting the concentrate. what is amazing about this heather is one found that it significantly improved insome knee autopsy and helped people stay asleep longer. >> it has melatonin in it as well. >> tell us about this? >> this is a fantastic supplement because it is the
2:55 am
active ingredient in green and black tea that promotes a sense of calm focus. if you drink it in green or black tea you are getting a lot of caffeine. if you want to take this as a supplement you are going to get that calming energy. >> is this hippie stuff or does it really work? >> these things are actually studied and have a profound effect on improving sleep. >> i am going to blind your eyes with this. see how bright that is. >> the mood light is a wave length that shuts down melatonin production. you want to use the blue light the brain will shut down the melatonin and 15 hours later it will up the production again. >> you can put that on your desk. you like white noise for some people. a lot of people use ambian. not a good idea. >> you should try all of these things first. why?
2:56 am
rebound insomnia. there are some people who may need it when you go off it it will be a lot worse than when you started. all of these things nonhabit forming. >> dr. michael dowd. come back with us again we all have sleep issues around here. >> it is 6 minutes before the hour. skis check, goggles check. he was ready to go except for one thing. we will tell you about this. we told you about the new airport security toy that is raising eyebrows. we wanted to brew on this. is this toy fine or is it over the line? we will read the e-mails coming up next.
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. take a look at the the good, the bad, and the ugly. college football's most famous girlfriend is going to be spending a lot of time in her bikini.

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